Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A Hoary Netherworld Named Korea1

You know, there's a mystery of Second Life that has been existing for more than a year now, something I don't understand and seems to make no sense.

Why is it that whenever a sim goes down, you get sent to Korea1?

It's kind of a puzzle. I've seen everyone from griefers to Lindens appear on that empty street in the middle of nowhere. Back in the day, when your sim went down you'd appear in the sim next to it. For me that was usually Cordova, but from time to time I would get shunted to the then-nearby Fairchang Island, the home of my friends the Fairchangs.

Now, and for a good year at least, every time a sim goes down, people get sent to Korea1.

What kind of place is Korea1? I think it's strange that the owner hasn't taken advantage of this fluke and built a mall or something there. What is there instead is an empty cityscape, towers sculpted in modern design but completely void of any contents. The people there are quite a mix, a group of miscelanious users banished to this hoary netherworld on the winds of chaos who for whatever reason decided to remain.

What is the secret of Korea1? Why does it pluck people from the void and set them upon its paved road? The world may never know.

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Stupid Darkfold said...

Ah yes, korea1. Very interesting place despite how empty the streets and buildings are. Always considered it my SL home and chill spot.

When the lag is being nice, anyway. :)