Monday, January 1, 2007

Relee Baysklef's Second Life

Welcome, welcome, one and all to my new Blog.

I am the Second Life user Relee Baysklef, and this blog is dedicated to that wonderful virtual world I have called second home for some three years now.

Second Life is many things to me. I originally joined the virtual world shortly after it came out of beta testing, intent on using the world to learn 3D graphics systems and practice scripting in a virtual world. I have used it for that and much more.

I have opened a store in Second Life called ATELIER, and it is located at the Abbotts Aerodrome. There I sell several of the odd creations I've finished to the point of safety. Countless other things, half-finished or dangerous beyond the ken of the average Second Life user, rest in my inventory.

I was one of the first five furries in Second Life, along with Arito Cotton, Fleabite Beach, Ralpha Gilman and Roxikat Muse. Arito and I founded The Furry Party, the oldest Furry group in Second Life.

I am full of opinions on events and trends and I have a rather unique point of view on Second Life's past, present, and future. I invite you all to join me as I discuss this wonderful other world.

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Jesper W. said...

Hi Baysklef -

congrats on your SL blog, consider yourself bookmark'd.

Even though I'm not a scripter I found your bit about bling, listening and lag interesting, I will certainly spread the word.

With SL's current growth rate (in october peaks were around 11.000 simultaneous users, now that number is all time lows...) we need to act to reduce lag etc. - I am looking at certain possibilities concerning pro use, RL to SL business behavior, PR and the like, and I know we cannot market SL business professionally if the system is not stable and reasonably lag free. Advice like yours to scripters is needed.

See you in-world :o)
Jesper Serapis